Our services and solutions are based on the principle that “Great Results come from Disciplined Action.” We further believe that disciplined action can only come from strategies, tactics and execution developed through a deep understanding of each organization’s unique set of customers, products, processes and competitive positioning. Therefore, our engagements utilize a blend of proprietary business intelligence tools, change management techniques and executive insight to build the visibility and accountability, and coordination necessary to produce great results.

Although each client engagement is different, our services typically fall into one or more of the following categories:

  • Operating Partner Roles
  • IT Advisory
  • M&A Advisory
  • Performance Software
  • Strategy Development
  • Performance Improvement
  • Due Diligence
  • Turnaround Management

"MGMT3D is made up of true business experts, so they're able to bring business instincts and acumen along with outstanding business intelligence tools - this enables them to quickly understand the business challenge and opportunity, and then tailor a solution to that opportunity." 

- Keith Stimson, Partner, Gryphon Investors


 Are you worried about missing the Big Data Train?

Everyone is talking about "Big Data" Recently, it is a term that is seen everywhere to describe exponential growth, availability, and use of information both structured and non-structured. Perhaps, it can be as simply defined as any amount of data your organization cannot harvest and effectively use with the tools it currently has available. 



Transforming an Organization...

"MGMT3D provides the tools you need for real-time visibility, allowing you to look through the front window rather than the rear view mirror as you're trying to steer a business. Using their solutions at Best Brands we were able to better understand the profitability of our products, product lines and customers and tie that to business decisions - it was a real enabler for our business turnaround." 
 - G. Scott Humphrey, Former CEO, Best Brands Corp.